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Ultramodern-precision : A resolution of 0.001mm
Leak detection of oil or liquid contents : 0.8L/1 hour
Distinguished durability(Made of stainless steel body)
Easy installation- Less procedure than a previous model.
The Small floaters- one of the smallest in the market.
Detection of the level of oil and water at the same time


• Oil level check
• Mositure check
• Temperature check
• Measuring stick height function

Principle of level sensor

Uses the principle of magneto-striation that detects tension strain pulse induced at the magnetic field of current pulse (Current pulse flows along the electric wire inside the waveguide) flowing through the waveguide inside the LDT rod and the magnetic field of the permanent magnet attached to the object whose displacement is to be measured.

Following tensional pulse strain detection, the position of the magnet or the position of the object to be measured is accurately reflected in eitherdigital or analog signal.


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Anadolu San. Horozluhan Mah. Okurlar Sk. No:10 Selçuklu / KONYA
+90 332 236 36 91