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Silos, Tanks, others.

Compresion load cell.
3000 divisions OIML R60 Class C.
Stainless steel construction.
Hermetically sealed by laser welding.
Protected against humidity IP68.

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Nominal capacities (Ln) 75.000-80.000-85.0000- 90.000- 100.000-125.000-150.000kg
Accuracy class 3000
Input impedance 800Ω±2%
Output impedance 700±3%Ω
Input voltage range 5..12 V
Nominal sensitivity 2mV/V
Operating temperature range -10 a +50ºC
Service load 150% (N.L.)
Safe load limit > 200 % (N.L.)
Sensitivity tolerance +/- 0.1% (N.L.)
Temperature effect on sensitivity (-10…+40ºC) <+/-0.001%/ºC
Temperature effect on cero (-10…+50ºC) <+/-0.002%/ºC
Maximum combined error <+/- 0.02 (N.L.)
Creep in 30’ at 20ºC +/- 0.02%
Cable length 18 m
Electrical connection a 6 wires (sense)


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